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and therefore we guarantee to refund you money if you don't like the game.

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We don’t use combination locks

We don’t use combination locks

Forget about bunches of combination locks and the need to seek which one the found code matches to.

We use electronics and mechanics

We use electronics and mechanics

Almost every puzzle involves electronics or mechanics, which are carefully thought out and assembled by our engineer.

Each room has its own thoughtful plot

Each room has its own thoughtful plot

Each of our rooms has a carefully thought-out story, which starts right from the booking confirmation letter. You are not just solving riddles, you are completing the mission.

Our clients rank us as #1 escape room in Vilnius

Our clients rank us as #1 escape room in Vilnius

Vilnius residents and guests of the capital agree that our escape rooms are the best in Vilnius. Which is confirmed by the first place among such entertainment on the TripAdvisor review portal.

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  • What an escape room is?

    Escape room is a popular team entertainment, where the team should solve different puzzles/riddles and perform some tasks to escape from the room.

  • How many players can be in a team?

    Our escape rooms are designed for the teams of 2-4 players. If you are 5 people and want to play in one team it is possible, just please be aware that we charge additional 10 euro for the 5th person.

    We care about your comfort and best experience, so for the groups of more than 5 people we recommend to split into 2 teams and book two different rooms at the same time.

  • How much does one game cost?

    The price for team of 2 to 4 persons is 60 EUR. An additional cost of 10 euros is charged for the 5th person.

  • How much time do we have for the game?

    Your team has 60 minutes to solve all puzzles and escape from the room.

  • Are there any limitations on participating in escape rooms?

    Yes. People under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants are not allowed to play in Insight Out. The administrator has the right not to allow team members to the game if there are any signs of intoxication.

  • What do we need for the game in escape room?

    No specific knowledge or skills needed. To enjoy the game and successfully escape from the room, you need to use your logic, attention, associative thinking and teamwork.

  • What if we can`t solve the puzzle?

    Our operator is always invisibly present with you and, if necessary, will help you.



I had never done an escape room before, but this was a great first experience! We did the time travel one, and it was set up in a very nice way. Recommended!


I play escape games across the globe and must say: Insight Out offers the best escape rooms I have played yet. World Best! After having loved DaVinci, the Time Travel and the Wine Maker we are already excited to come back an play the War Game. Not only are the games and rooms high class, also the owner/producer is the kindest person. Last time we were late and he did not stress us at all, even took the time afterwards for pictures and telling us more about the concepts. THANK YOU! See you soon!


We've been to a wine cellar escape room. It was incredibly fun- puzzles were challenging enough that you'd need to twist your brain to see them, understand the patterns and all. Unlike some of the escape rooms, I've been to before, it didn't require math skills or some very specific knowledge that would make it impossible to do without someone's help. The room also had some storyline, so it was a lot of fun. 10/10 would recommend it to others.


I visited this escape room with my friends. The room was interesting and entertaining. The tasks were not easy to overcome, but they were engaging and made you turn your head. Highly recommend it, had a wonderful time with my friends :)


I have been in two rooms with different people and both of them were cool. It brought us an excitement, adrenaline, laugh and more other amazing emotions. The design is made realistically so you do feel like travelling in time or stealing. Would recommend to anyone who likes challenges!

Julija M.

I had the opportunity to visit the Winemaker's secret escape room. I loved that the room's theme is held down to the smallest details. Tasks are not the easiest, but it was fun to turn my head. Recommend for everyone who wants a good brain teaser without any horror elements.


Undoubtedly a new way of spending your leisure time. I was pleasantly surprised not only by the newly discovered hobby but also by the especially warm service. I rate it 5/5, counting the days before the next escape!


Tried the Poltergeist room yesterday. It was on the easy side, but fun and great for when you have some unexperienced people in your group. We could tell the puzzles were well thought and without those incredibly hidden shenanigans that sometimes you might face. "Puzzles" varied from sound, imagery, noticing symbols, paralelisms and such. It left me curious, so i'll definitely try the harder rooms! One additional note, the staff explained very well beforehand what we could and couldn't do, which helped adjust to the setting and it's composition.

Miguel Ribeiro

Definitely one of the best entertainment in Vilnius! Me and my friends had the best time there, the game was super interesting and engaging. No doubt I recommend this to everyone who wants to spend some quality time with friends. We are planning to come back as it was so much fun and we've never been to similar place before!

Erika G.

It was really one of the hardest escape room we have been. But we really had an amazing time! The atmosphere of room was intriguing and tasks forced to think faster! We absolutely recommend to visit these escape rooms!

Aurelija P.

This is the most professional and the most interesting escape room I have ever been to. The staff is very friendly and helpful, the rooms are fascinating and the tasks are quite hard but very intriguing. Would recommend it to anyone wanting to have an unforgettable experience!

Ieva V.

We played "Italian Robbery" - it was very interesting and engaging, we didn’t have time for sitting around and doing nothing, always had to turn our heads, but we didn’t get bored. Although this room is their hardest room, we didn’t need a lot of help. The service is excellent. Recommend.


Legendary Was hard to initially start on the tasks but as time went by things just went faster and more smoothly which turned into an amazing gameplay and I had a lot of fun, thanks to the person on the other end of the radio we got out of the place we were stuck in!


Such a nice and kind experience reminded me of childhood when I and my friends were playing paper ship battles during school breaks! Great team builder and perfect idea to spend your leisure time with friends or coworkers! In "Don't panic!" everything is made with care and thought. Totally going to come back!


This is a must!!! The best room I've ever made! Scary with great ideas and love for the details! Really great with two persons!


Ship battle, space wars Impressive environment and great atmosphere. Everyone can feel like a real spaceship crew. Game Ship battle that everyone knows. If you fail and lose to your opponents, you will create a better strategy for the next game and be sure to win. The gamble is unrealistic. 2 hours pass without feeling. It will be an exciting experience for both young and old who love the technique. There is a lounge so if you have more than 6 friends in your company, others can just play board games :) Recommended.


I loved the Leonardo Da Vinci room. It was really interesting, unseen tasks, everything’s very new and high quality. The room was hard but very cool.


We did two rooms because we couldn’t stop after the first one. First did the Poltergeist and then the hardest one the Italian Job. Great rooms with a lot of challenges. Both very different and very recommended. And the staff is also very friendly and enthusiastic! Thanks and maybe till next time when we have to try the third room.

Remon Lammers

We played the Race Against Time room and we had a blast! The room is very original and unexpected, not about looking for a code to open a padlock just to discover another code to open another padlock. This is a new generation escape room with some really cool technological highlights. We played the room with 2 people, which was not too difficult. I think you could play with up to 4 people. The reception was also very friendly, and the way of giving hints through a walkie talkie was really cool. I definitely recommend this escape room!!

Eef Janssens

What an escape room is?

It`s an hour-long adventure that provides lifelong emotions. This entertainment helps people of different ages and professions to gain new and exciting experiences.

If you do not know where to go for your leisure time with friends, colleagues or family, an escape room is a great place for an unforgettable time. Here you will find a set of interesting and engaging tasks, a mysterious environment and a storm of real emotions.

It is puzzle rooms in Vilnius that will allow you and your friends to feel like a team of crazy heroes who have to save the world, reincarnate into a detective or alchemist, reveal mystical secrets and finally get out of a boring everyday life. Be ready to get back to normal life in an hour!

So if you are bored of routine ways of rest and entertainment, Insight Out invites you to an intriguing world of adventure!

A quest room is a prototype of a famous computer game in real life. A player has to escape the locked room within 1 hour, using available tools and items hidden in various places. However, the Insight Out quest room in Vilnius is a real game that is far from the computer version. The emotions experienced here exceed all expectations.

Probably each of us, being a child, dreamed of becoming a hero of a favorite movie or book. Now you have that opportunity! Practically every escape room in Vilnius is created based on the plots of popular films and stories and even the facts of famous people`s real life . Therefore, now, anyone can play a detective, a superhero or a savior of the unbroken world.

Modern quest rooms have a complex technical and mechanical background. The design of the room is based on the game theme, and some "escapes " even include actors. They will cleverly play you a mad professor or an obsessed maniac. Of course, you will know that this is just acting and that the challenge room is their job, but believe us, the emotions you experience will shake you! Costumes, design, light and sound effects will simply immerse you in the exciting atmosphere of the unusual game.

By the way, this amusement is relatively new. The first rooms appeared in 2007. Around the same time, the game began to gain popularity in both Asia and Europe. However, modern escape and challenge rooms have already transcended the space of one room. There are even street escape games that cover the whole city or certain specific areas.

Popular kinds of this entertainment:

  • Escape room – where, the task of the participants is to escape the room (warehouse, prison cell, etc.) using various tools and solving puzzles;
  • Treasure, artifact searches;
  • Missions – to save the planet, to solve a mystical task;
  • Performances – games with actors participation.

Today, quest rooms are one of the most interesting and unique attractions on offer. Adventure themes is a subject of unlimited imagination, so every other escape room visited in Vilnius will give you new impressions and experiences every time. By accumulating room "achievements ", you will be able to create a personal list of completed tasks. There are more and more fans of such challenges in the world – they gather in communities, organize competitions and look for new adventures and challenges.

Why is Insight Out the best modern entertainment?

The quizzie room is a team game, so participating in it together with somebody is much more fun than trying to escape alone. It has been proven that it is the collective work that has made this game so popular.

For many companies, the quiz room has become a great alternative for joint corporate stays or other events. In this way, all employees can get to know each other better and have fun in an informal environment. After all, a united and friendly team is the basis of any organization. The escape room will provide real challenges, during which all participants will experience indelible and surprisingly positive emotions together and become an even better team. The adrenaline, the taste of victory and the pleasure of overcoming clever tasks will remain in the memory for a long time to come. Many who have tried this game can not stop and become true escape professionals.

The room of secrets is where to go in Vilnius and a great way to relax from the daily routine. Believe us, it won`t be boring here!

The quest room is a relatively new form of entertainment. So if you get tired of the usual sitting in cafes, please feel free to visit! We will always find something interesting and unprecedented for you!

If you are looking for what to do in Vilnius with your child, task rooms are one of the best choices. Give your child a real adventure! Let him or her incarnate as a favorite hero, help reveal many secrets or find a forgotten treasure, and escape from the legendary maze together – no doubt, it isa real fun for the whole family!

Still in doubt? Then it is time to test your abilities.

Does the task room in Vilnius take a lot of time?

You have 1 hour to complete all tasks and solve the puzzles. The challenge is trying to turn your head on and escape the room within the given time. A logical task chain will lead to the exit or help you find the key. When you get involved in that amazing adventure, you may lose your sense of time, so don`t forget to look at your watch! It is the gradually dwindling time that creates the illusion of tension. Hurry up and leave the room as the winner!

Who can play escape games?

The escape room in Vilnius can accept a team of 2-4 people to play at a time. There are exceptions for some games. The quiz room is a universal entertainment that delights people of all ages and professions. Anyone can take the challenge and test their abilities.

In terms of age, each game requires special restrictions, which you will learn by reading the game descriptions. Each Insight Out room has age-appropriate tasks.

Participation in games for persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not allowed.

What if I have more players in my team?

Each room must have some technical equipment calculated for a team of 5 people. If there are more players, it is possible to split into two or more teams and set up skirt games.

Do you need to prepare for the game?

Definitely not! The escape quest presents interesting and exceptional tasks, and you only need ingenuity and logical thinking to figure them out. It is also very important to examine all the details carefully, because the slightest thing that is insignificant at the first glance can be a tip or a long-sought answer. All you need to do is to immerse yourself into the atmosphere and play the game.

If you are looking what to do in Vilnius, don`t forget to book an appointment in advance – otherwise, sometimes there are simply no rooms left. Secure a reservation by confirming your entertainment and arrival with us – this way you will not be disappointed! In addition, we offer a discount and useful offers on the Insight Out website. Be vigilant and don`t miss them!

What if you can`t solve the puzzle?

In case your team can`t solve anything – there is no need to worry. You will be accompanied by an invisible operator throughout the game to provide you with needed help. Insight Out Escape Rooms are full of intrigue, with many tasks to figure out in one hour. Try not to stuck at one task for too long, don`t be afraid to use help, especially if you`re a first-time player.

Why did escape rooms in Vilnius become so popular?

In the modern urban world, many people drown in their daily and gray routine. This unique entertainment allows you to escape the squirrel wheel, boredom, and experience the indescribable strength and emotions that are so lacking in everyday life.

Anyone can play challenges and escape games, because the escape quests offer a variety of games to suit players` tastes. True lovers of adventure and ancient secrets should appreciate mysteries and reveal the secrets of alchemists, and a team of desperate knights will surely save the world from the catastrophe of a mad scientist or from the higher-legged Prophecies of Nostradamus. Escape rooms often r reproduce scenes from popular movies. Favorite adventures, detectives, or horror stories can become your reality. Be careful what you wish for! In any case, the dose of adrenaline will exceed all expectations!

A game in an escape or challenge room is a great gift. You can gift a personal dream to embody the favorite hero!

Especially a lot of joy in the escape games are for kids and teens. So, if you are looking for entertainment for your child and do not know where to go in Vilnius with him or her, this entertainment is definitely the best choice! The game will bring you even closer, and the child will definitely appreciate it.

How to overcome the challenges of the escape games?

Solve all the tasks, complete the missions and unlock the room before one hour ends! The challenge will be overcome if all team members are attentive and focused on one goal. All players need to demonstrate their best abilities, test their strengths,erudition and ingenuity.

At the beginning of the game, the operator will tell your team the so-called game legend. You will learn a lot of useful information that will help you escape the room. The game master also tells an introduction to what`s going on right now. Maybe this time you`ll find yourself in a lab or an ancient maze? Listen carefully to the legend, as there are many answers in it.

Escape Rooms in Vilnius are the most popular logic games and tasks!

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