3 escape rooms

Horror, adventure and robbery. Which one is for you? Or you will challenge all of them?

Special changes

We can make small scenario changes suggested by groom’s friends to add smth special to your bachelor party.

Cool lounge zone

Here you can spend some time after the game and gain strength for new adventures.

10% economy

If you book 2 rooms for the same time you get 10% discount .

The best bachelor party ideas are the escape rooms.

Unlike birthdays or other repetitive holidays, we celebrate our bachelor party only once in a lifetime. This means that the celebration must be very memorable, so that newlywed and his best men could remember everything they ​​had to experience even after many years. Typical stag party games are not going to help here. If you are looking for the best idea to spend a celebration, choose escape rooms and nothing else!

The main duty of the best men ​​during the wedding time is to help the groom in every way. And for everything to run smoothly, team training should be kept in mind. Escape rooms will pay off here, not only quick logical thinking and keeping a sober mind in critical situations is important here, but also close and strong-willed teamwork. If you sort everything out in the escape room, the wedding will be one laugh. Fast execution of all tasks will guarantee success in real-life challenges.

INSIGHT OUT offers 4 different escape rooms in Vilnius and everyone will find an adventure close to their taste. The bachelor party will definitely not be boring here – you will have the one in the life-time opportunity to incarnate into different characters. You will be able to become a professional team of thieves, ghost hunters, or detectives, revealing the biggest secrets with the help of our clues. You can choose one escape room, but you can also try all four – who knows which one you will like the most? So gather your dream team and look for adventures ahead – the best stag party is in Insight Out!


What genres do our escape rooms have?

In total, you can choose an escape room from 4 different genres and levels of difficulty. The truth is, the same rule applies to all of them – the game lasts exactly one hour. Your goal is to solve the puzzle as quickly as possible with the help of teamwork and your logical thinking. An unforgettable party is waiting for you!

A team of 2-4 people can participate in one game. This bachelor party begins!

If you like horror movies and have always wondered how it feels to be in it, you can try the “Poltergeist” escape room. This burst of adrenaline will prepare you for all the difficulties that can await in life. You will have to go to a house, haunted by scary spirits, and try to escape from it in one hour, otherwise, you will disappear. Sounds easy? A few minutes in this escape room will change that mood in an instant.

If you want to feel the fantasy and travel in time during your celebration, the best choice is the “Race against Time” escape room. Your task is to save the Earth, and you will be able to do that only with time travel. How? You will find out with the whole team! When looking for the best stag party idea, remember that escape rooms are a great time to get to know each other better and gain each other’s trust, so working together here is the best thing you can think of.

If you like detective movies, choose the “Italian Job” escape room. The truth is, you will not dive into the role of detectives, but you will become a professional team of robbers with a goal to break into the home of a famous art collector and steal an old and extremely valuable masterpiece of Leonardo Da Vinci. Don’t forget that the host of the palace will return soon, so you have one hour to find a solution to a successful robbery.

For the lovers of thrillers, the best choice is an escape room that lacks mystical secrets, hard-to-reach riddles, and endless concentration. Such a room is called “Winemaker’s secret”. Every famous brand has its own formula for success. Wine is not an exception and a world-famous wine is here. What makes it so special? Your task is to find out. Find a secret wine recipe in 60 minutes and leave the room like winners.


Why do you need to choose escape rooms for a bachelor party?

Its really fun, doesn’t require preparation and big money. It is quite difficult to come up with entertainment that would be interesting for everyone, but with the escape rooms, it is difficult not to “hit the jackpot” – interesting scenes will add much more than an evening at the bar. It is also a great opportunity to get to know bachelor friends better, join powers to achieve a common goal, develop teamwork skills, and trust in each other. It’s an entertainment that will allow you to have a good time as well as improve your knowledge and personality. Stag night of your dreams, right?

Its also one of the few opportunities to turn on the fantasy and incarnate in the role of a person you could only dream of. Ultra-realistic sceneries and tasks will add to its originality and complexity, so be prepared to wiggle your brain, because there will definitely be something to do in these escape rooms.


What do you need to know to make this bachelor party fun and unforgettable?

Usually, looking for a perfect event idea, you immediately think about how to make the holiday memorable for the guests and the host. The escape room is a great “main course” for this celebration.

Keep in mind that escape rooms don’t allow people intoxicated by alcohol or other intoxicants. To make these bachelor games the most memorable, follow this rule and complete the puzzles with a sober head – this way it will be much more fun to play.

We are sure that after trying one escape room, you will want to repeat this adventure again, so we suggest you try even several different escape rooms during the gathering! If you still have the strength and enough logical thinking after the first one – go on to the second adventure. If not – we will wait for you to come back the next time. Who said a bachelor party cant go on all week?